Intensive driving courses

If you are looking to pass your driving test quickly, then an intensive driving course Birmingham is exactly what you are looking for. Often known as ‘crash courses’, an intensive driving courses Birmingham teach you how to drive in a very short space of time. You will be able to learn to drive in less than a week with our driving courses, as opposed to spreading them out over a series of weeks and months. Afterwards, you will be able to take the DVSA practical driving test immediately.
The first thing to consider is whether or not one of our intensive driving courses Birmingham is the right thing for you. If you have a limited time to learn how to drive, examples being that you are starting a new job or moving to a new area, then it is likely to be the perfect opportunity for you to pass your test quickly. If you aren’t sure it’s the right choice, then our driving instructors in Birmingham will be able to work with you and help you decide which option is the best one for you. This decision is based on your level of confidence, how comfortable you are with learning new skills, and any previous experience of learning how to drive.
intensive driving courses BirminghamWhether you are starting from the beginning or have had driving lessons before, it doesn’t matter to us. Our intensive driving courses in Birmingham can be tailored to your individual requirements and you experience level. If you struggle with things like parallel parking, then there is no need to worry as you will be brilliant at it by the end of the course. If you have any worries, questions, or problems during the course, then our instructors are always there to discuss them with you – they want you to be fully confident by the end of the test.
Our driving school is based in Birmingham, so our instructors can provide you with local knowledge that can help you pass your test in the city. You are sure to become fully competent and comfortable with every aspect of driving as well as gain crucial city driving experiences.
We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our staff are experienced and fully qualified driving instructors. They are committed not only to ensuring you pass your test full time, but also turning you into a safe and competent driver for the rest of your life. They use the time spent with you on the intensive driving course to help you spot any weaknesses in your driving ability so that you can pay extra attention to them.
We strongly believe that driving lessons should be a personalised experience, so all of our lessons take place on a one-to-one basis – meaning your instructor can focus all of their attention on you. It is also possible to request a female instructor when booking your course if you prefer.
Please remember that you must have taken your driving theory test before you can attend an intensive driving course with us in Birmingham. You cannot book your DVSA practical driving test without first passing the theory test.
If you have any questions, or would like to know whether an intensive driving course in Birmingham is the right option for you, please contact us and we will be able to discuss your options with you.